ZeroCranky- Equisolute

ZeroCranky- Equisolute

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For a balanced hormonal system in mares

Is your mare moody, antisocial or stressed? Then it may well be that her hormone balance is disturbed. With EquiSolute ZeroCranky you can bring this hormonal condition permanently into balance in a completely natural way. Your mare will soon be back to her old self again! EquiSolute ZeroCranky can also be used as a natural sedative..

NOTE: not suitable for pregnant mares!

EquiSolute ZeroCranky in short

  • For moody, stress-sensitive jumps;
  • Balances hormones;
  • Including chastity berry extract and CBD oil;
  • Effective for Cushing's syndrome;
  • Can also be used as a natural sedative;
  • Natural product.

Chastity berry extract: effective against Cushing's syndrome

Another important ingredient is chastity berry extract. This natural product comes from the chastity tree and has a positive effect on the mare's mood and hormones. Research has also shown that cherries extract is effective in Cushing's syndrome. This incurable disease occurs mainly in older horses, where a malfunctioning pituitary gland causes an overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol. This can lead to serious health problems, including laminitis and poor resistance. Chastity berry extract improves the function of the pituitary gland, thus keeping the disease under better control.

The cherries berry extract also contributes to:

  • Healthy metabolism;
  • More energy;
  • Less stress;
  • Healthy fur;
  • Fresh muscles.

Less stress due to CBD oil

An important component of EquiSolute ZeroCranky is CBD oil. CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. This is an active substance in the hemp plant, which is not psychoactive and not addictive. Scientific research has shown that CBD oil contributes positively to your horse's health and well-being. An important effect of CBD oil is that it has a calming effect. Your horse experiences less stress, can relax better and is more manageable. Furthermore, CBD oil is effective against skin and hoof problems. In short: an ingredient that your moody mare will greatly benefit from!

Instructions for use

Give your mare 10 ml of EquiSolute ZeroCranky per day. You can mix the liquid with feed.


Xanthan gum
Propionic Acid
Acetic Acid
Silybum marianum
Ascorbic Acid
Magnesium chloride
Rose hip
CBD oil