K9 Leather Cleanse & Moisturizer

K9 Leather Cleanse & Moisturizer

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K9 skin cleanser and moisturizer
K9 Leather Cleanse & Moisturizer is a cleansing spray-on product for leather and other surfaces where dirt, grease, sweat and other contaminants occur. K9 Leather Cleanse both cleans and moisturizes at the same time without drying out seams or leather. Use K9 Leather Balm for a soft, shiny and long-lasting result. Biodegradable.

• Clean gently and efficiently
• Fast and easy to use without getting sticky.
• Moisturizing and nourishing.

Instructions:Spray the product on the skin and leave on for a while. Then wipe with a cloth. Once the skin has dried, lubricate with K9 Leather Balm.

Contents:Aqua, non-ionic surfactants, complexing agent, preservative, fragrance.

500 ml/16.9 oz/pH 4.5