EquiSolute- Total Care
EquiSolute- Total Care

EquiSolute- Total Care

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EquiSolute prevents and prevents

  • Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Second joint problems

  • Inflammation

  • Tendon injuries

EquiSolute shows fantastic results in the treatment of tendon injuries, inflammation, arthritis, wear and tear and other joint problems and is considered the most effective treatment worldwide.

EquiSolute is the only horse supplement that contains a high dose of collagen type II, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and glucosamine, which is the main component in cartilage and joints. Supplementation of this high quality collagen type II helps to reverse the deterioration of cartilage that causes arthritis. EquiSolute contains MSM with a high amount, and herbs that have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Glucosamine in EquiSolute contributes to the production of synovia, which is very important for tendons and joints. It keeps tendons and joints moving.

EquiSolute is currently considered one of the most powerful products of the highest quality of its kind, completely safe and in accordance with FEI standards. Most riders will feel a marked improvement in the horse's movements.

Try EquiSolute, it works!

Discover the power of EquiSolute also for:

  • Support for the immune system

  • Minor muscle pain and acidification

  • Growth and better functionality in the muscles

  • Fast recovery after physical exercise

  • A well-functioning intestinal wall and intestinal flora

  • Natural formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin

  • Support for the vascular system

  • Maintenance of strong bones

  • Supply of daily energy needs

  • Flexible joints