EquiSolute- Mares Necessary

EquiSolute- Mares Necessary

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Discover the power of EquiSolute Mares Necessary

  • Healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Development of unborn foal

  • Increases the immune system

  • Maintains energy levels

  • Good for intestines, blood vessels and blood

  • Flexible muscles and joints

  • Everything your pregnant or lactating mare needs

Carrying a foal requires a lot from your mare. Every day she lives on top to offer her (unborn) foal the best. It is therefore of great importance that she herself is in the very best condition. With EquiSolute Mares Necessary you can give your pregnant or breastfeeding mare everything she needs to stay healthy and fit!

EquiSolute Mares Necessary, also prevents and resolves

  • Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Other joint problems

  • Inflammation

  • Tendon injuries

A box is a month's consumption